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ND Moose Image

ND Moose

My name is Allison Nissen, I'm 16 And it was my first time putting in and I ended up getting drawn! I've Been hunting since a very young age with my dad Londell. He taught me everything I know about hunting and used going with him as a potty training method. Well the story began when we were out by parshall, where my dad is from and saw a few but I was really picky and passed on a few, then my dad got a call from his buddy robin klabunde and said he found the one he had been watching for a few weeks, well we hurried our way there, not knowing how big he was for sure, when we got there I knew he was a shooter but was a little eerie about pulling the trigger the first weekend out. I decided to do it and we snuck up on him to about 250-275 yards and with my first shot I knew I had him right in the heart. He buckled and jumped but I put 3 more in him because he was headed into the corn off his adrenaline. It was an awesome feeling! I was pumped! We called robins dad to get a tractor to hit him out and when we were gutting him out we found the bullet hole in the heart! And we found the bullet!!! And one of my other shots was within a 2 in radius of the heart shot! This was the best experience of my life! Couldn't have done it without my dad and my family.