Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Photo Gallery


WELCOME TO OUR HOME... We hope you enjoy these photos of our most memorable outdoor adventures spent with family and friends. If you have a favorite photo you would like to share with us at Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, send it to kschirado@teamuoa.com and attach a brief description.



  • Hooked On Gulp Alive! Image
    Hooked On Gulp Alive!
  • Late May Still Pitch'n Image
    Late May Still Pitch'n
  • Priceless Image
  • Merle's EYE Image
    Merle's EYE
  • Winter Fishing Image
    Winter Fishing
  • Kenadis First Image
    Kenadis First
  • Kadens First Image
    Kadens First
  • Jason Mitchell Outdoors Image
    Jason Mitchell Outdoors
  • Great day on the water Image
    Great day on the water
  • Bills Catch Image
    Bills Catch
  • Great Morning Image
    Great Morning
  • Morgans Turkey Image
    Morgans Turkey
  • Informative Evening Image
    Informative Evening
  • C & R Photo Opportunity Image
    C & R Photo Opportunity
  • Strikes Again Image
    Strikes Again
  • Evening Bite Image
    Evening Bite
  • Mr Busch Image
    Mr Busch
  • Broken Curse Image
    Broken Curse
  • Pretty Boy Turkey Image
    Pretty Boy Turkey
  • Lloyds Paddle Fish Image
    Lloyds Paddle Fish
  • Wright's Eye Image
    Wright's Eye
  • Chunky River Walleye Image
    Chunky River Walleye
  • Fat-n-Sassy Eye Image
    Fat-n-Sassy Eye
  • Collage of Eyes Image
    Collage of Eyes
  • Walleye Admiration Image
    Walleye Admiration
  • Catch & Release Image
    Catch & Release
  • A Day On The Missouri River Image
    A Day On The Missouri River
  • Paddlefish 3 Image
    Paddlefish 3
  • Paddlefish 2 Image
    Paddlefish 2
  • Paddlefish 1 Image
    Paddlefish 1