Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Photo Gallery


WELCOME TO OUR HOME... We hope you enjoy these photos of our most memorable outdoor adventures spent with family and friends. If you have a favorite photo you would like to share with us at Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, send it to kschirado@teamuoa.com and attach a brief description.



  • Montana bow buck Image
    Montana bow buck
  • Paddle Boat Buck Image
    Paddle Boat Buck
  • Evening Harvest Image
    Evening Harvest
  • ND Mountain Lion Image
    ND Mountain Lion
  • SD River Bottom Buck Image
    SD River Bottom Buck
  • Montana River Buck Image
    Montana River Buck
  • Good Opener Image
    Good Opener
  • Hunters First Pheasant Image
    Hunters First Pheasant
  • Double Trouble Image
    Double Trouble
  • Saskatchewan Buck Image
    Saskatchewan Buck
  • Mussleshell Bull Image
    Mussleshell Bull
  • Wyoming Speed Goat Image
    Wyoming Speed Goat
  • September Buck Image
    September Buck
  • The Challenge Image
    The Challenge
  • I will never forget Image
    I will never forget
  • Still Lucky Image
    Still Lucky
  • Numbers Down Image
    Numbers Down
  • Whirlwind Trip  Image
    Whirlwind Trip
  • Whirlwind Trip 2 Image
    Whirlwind Trip 2
  • New Alphamax Image
    New Alphamax
  • Jake's First Pheasant Image
    Jake's First Pheasant
  • Lucky Draw Image
    Lucky Draw
  • A Chilly October Morning Image
    A Chilly October Morning
  • A Great Success Image
    A Great Success
  • My Luck is Holding Image
    My Luck is Holding
  • Last Sage Grouse Hunt Image
    Last Sage Grouse Hunt
  • Sydney's doe Image
    Sydney's doe
  • JW's Prairie Ghost Image
    JW's Prairie Ghost
  • Persistence pays off Image
    Persistence pays off
  • MonDak Decoy Image
    MonDak Decoy