Ultimate Outdoor Adventures - Photo Gallery


WELCOME TO OUR HOME... We hope you enjoy these photos of our most memorable outdoor adventures spent with family and friends. If you have a favorite photo you would like to share with us at Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, send it to kschirado@teamuoa.com and attach a brief description.



  • Reinhardt Buck Image
    Reinhardt Buck
  • Broadside Image
  • Old Fashion Buck Image
    Old Fashion Buck
  • Double Lung Shot Image
    Double Lung Shot
  • Hettinger Buck Image
    Hettinger Buck
  • Wisconsin Buck Image
    Wisconsin Buck
  • First Bow Deer Image
    First Bow Deer
  • Rewarding Hunt Image
    Rewarding Hunt
  • Hoff Buck Image
    Hoff Buck
  • Up Close Image
    Up Close
  • The Beast Image
    The Beast
  • Theel Buck Image
    Theel Buck
  • Midwest Muley Image
    Midwest Muley
  • First Day Luck Image
    First Day Luck
  • Badlands Muley Image
    Badlands Muley
  • Boos Buck Image
    Boos Buck
  • Coles Buck Image
    Coles Buck
  • Rodenhizer Buck Image
    Rodenhizer Buck
  • Colorado Buck Image
    Colorado Buck
  • Great First Buck Image
    Great First Buck
  • NM Bull Image
    NM Bull
  • My Gun is sighted in Image
    My Gun is sighted in
  • ND Ram Image
    ND Ram
  • Kemmer Buck Image
    Kemmer Buck
  • Guthmiller Bull Image
    Guthmiller Bull
  • Guthmiller Buck Image
    Guthmiller Buck
  • Corys Moose Image
    Corys Moose
  • Corys Whitetail Image
    Corys Whitetail
  • Corys Turkey Image
    Corys Turkey
  • Corys Goat Image
    Corys Goat